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The new beach of Larvotto Monaco

31 July 2023

The long-awaited transformation of Larvotto Monaco Beach has emerged as a testament to unparalleled modernization and environmental commitment. Inaugurated on 3 July 2023 by S.A.S the Prince Sovereign himself, this resplendent coastal haven now boasts a breathtaking modern beach that redefines luxury life on the shores of the Mediterranean.

The new Larvotto beach offers a vast area, inviting beach lovers to bask in its sunny expanses while highlighting Monaco’s dedication to ecological preservation and offering an unparalleled coastal retreat.


The rebirth of Larvotto Beach preserves its innovative dikes and wave protection systems, creating a secure coastal sanctuary for visitors to enjoy the quiet waves without worrying. Its seamless combination of soft sand and gravel enhances the charm of the beach, providing a convenient base for its seductive walk. The beach presents a harmonious mix of private and public spaces, ensuring an exclusive atmosphere for all guests. Private beaches of the surrounding upscale hotels line the coast, offering tailor-made facilities and unparalleled hospitality in the midst of the azure waters of the Mediterranean for those who seek peace and discretion.


On the new beach of Larvotto Monaco stands a captivating tapestry of pleasure and convenience. Stretching along the shoreline, the beautiful tiled promenade, adorned with charming historic restaurants and shops nestled under the esplanade, offers a delicious assortment of culinary experiences. From freshly baked specialties in the local bakery to refreshing treats from artisanal glaciers, residents and visitors can have fun with their taste buds.

Those concerned about their health will find a state-of-the-art gym with high-end fitness facilities and panoramic ocean views, while a luxurious beauty salon is for those looking to pamper and relax. In addition, the shopping promenade offers a range of shops to discover. The beach also has a diving and rescue center, ensuring safety and peace of mind for all holidaymakers.


It is an integral part of the new Larvotto beach that embodies sophistication and leisure. This large, beautifully designed walk offers a perfect blend of scenic beauty and outdoor entertainment. Fitness enthusiasts can enjoy the presence of outdoor sports equipment, allowing them to stay active while enjoying the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. Families with children can enjoy the children’s playground, a safe haven where children can have fun and create precious memories. The Esplanade’s culinary offer further enhances the beach experience, with renowned restaurants serving delicious dishes from around the world. From fine restaurants to casual outdoor restaurants, the Esplanade caters to a variety of tastes, offering an exquisite dining experience to complement the coastal charm.

In addition, the Larvotto esplanade serves as a cultural hotspot, hosting various events, exhibitions and shows throughout the year. Harmoniously combining leisure, outdoor activities and culinary delights, the Larvotto esplanade becomes an enchanting destination, inviting residents and tourists to savour the essence of the Monegasque beach’s appeal.



The redevelopment of Larvotto Beach not only offers a magnificent coastal experience, but also highlights some of Monaco’s most beautiful residential gems. Among these remarkable buildings, “The Columbia” stands with its striking design and luxurious amenities, redefining opulence on the waterfront.”The Houston Palace” exudes elegance and prestige, offering panoramic sea views and exquisite interiors for the discerning elite. “The Rocabella”, symbol of architectural innovation, fits perfectly into the revitalized landscape of the beach, embracing the Mediterranean charm. Meanwhile, the brand new “Palais de la Plage” sets a new level of sophistication, embodying coastal life at its best.

Furthermore, the Mareterra project promises to be a remarkable addition to Larvotto’s residential offering, enhancing the beachfront living experience. Each of these distinguished buildings completes the appeal of the new Larvotto Monaco beach, forming an enchanting urban oasis that embodies the essence of coastal luxury in Monaco.

In conclusion, the new beach of Larvotto Monaco is a true masterpiece of coastal life. After careful work over two years, this transformation has redefined luxury and environmental commitment. The beach’s vast surface area, innovative protection systems and private beaches ensure an unrivalled coastal retreat. The shopping promenade offers a delicious choice of restaurants, shops and entertainment. Larvotto esplanade invites you to indulge in the incarnation of luxury. In addition, the Larvotto’s distinguished buildings promise an extraordinary residential experience. The new Larvotto beach embodies the essence of the Mediterranean dream, where luxury life meets the splendour of nature in a unique coastal haven. Welcome to the top of coastal life – welcome to the new Larvotto beach.

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