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The Principality of Monaco and its districts

16 August 2022

A true paradise nestled between the Mediterranean Riviera and the coasts of Italy, your first step in the Principality immerses you in another universe. Everything here soothes the body and the mind: a variety of magnificent landscapes, major cultural or artistic exhibitions, sumptuous shops, a renowned port which is home to the most beautiful yachts in the world, and distinguished and elegant inhabitants. In short, living in Monaco is an opportunity… An opportunity that you could seize!

Monaco has many districts in a small area. Choosing Monaco means opting for a quality living environment and a territory steeped in history. The Monegasque territory represents an area of ​​2.02 km² and despite this size, each district is full of treasures!

And Monaco is not just an image, the way of life is pleasant, as much as its citizens.

Do you want to discover Monaco like you’ve never seen it before? Know the particularities of its neighborhoods? Maybe even move there? You are in the right place.

Dive in this mini-guide to the 8 districts of Monaco! Let yourself be guided, and find out which neighborhood suits you the most.



Do you like calm and want to be amazed every day? Welcome to Monaco-Ville


Monaco-Ville, or the pearl of the Principality, is a district overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Also called “Le Rocher”, it is the historic epicenter of the country, one of the most visited and exclusive areas of the Principality. You have surely already heard of it, it is here that we find, among others, the Oceanographic Museum, the Cathedral of Monaco and the Prince’s Palace. Its medieval streets reveal part of the great history of the territory.

Venture down these narrow streets with fine restaurants and shops. At a detour, you will discover important government buildings that are located among the facades of old residences.

Why settle in Monaco-Ville? For its unique charm and history. You can admire one of the most beautiful viewpoints over the Principality. Between traditional facades and modern buildings, it’s a real journey through time that awaits you!



For a dream life, Monte-Carlo, the Essential.


This is THE mythical district of Monaco. Located to the east of the Principality, you will find the very famous Casino bordered by its renowned palaces and luxury boutiques. Do you want to live the Monegasque dream? It is in Monte-Carlo that you must buy or rent a property!

Ideally located, you will enjoy a typical Mediterranean climate, between its cool breeze and its sun that warms you all year round. With the renowned Carré d’Or in its centre, this district is truly the most prestigious in the country. And the real estate reflects the neighborhood: sumptuous, majestic, luxurious.

With over 8,000 residents, it is Monaco’s most populated district. But do not be afraid of the crowd, the inhabitants of this district remain discreet. No doubt you will get used to your new life here very quickly.

Why choose to settle in Monte-Carlo? With its unique living environment, you ensure a life in the center of the Principality, the heart of the country.



The traditional dolce vita, at the gates of La Condamine


Does this neighborhood name mean something to you? This is where many famous events take place, such as the unmissable Christmas Market or the famous start of the Monaco Grand Prix!

La Condamine is located in the center of the country. It is a neighborhood full of life that punctuates the daily lives of Monegasque residents. Located above Port Hercule, you will be close to all the shops, whether for shopping days or simply to do your shopping.

Throughout your visit to this district, you can find historic places such as Place d’Armes, Boulevard Albert 1er or the famous pedestrian Rue Princesse Caroline. Its strategic location offers you a multitude of perspectives. Stroll between the fresh produce stands of its daily market, enjoy the breeze offered by the quays of the port, try the latest trendy restaurants or relax with the various activities organized at La Condamine. Alone, as a couple or with family, this neighborhood offers many experiences that you will not find anywhere else.

Why choose to set up in La Condamine? For its exceptional charm, its proximity to small shops and restaurants, it is a friendly neighborhood for everyone!



The Jardin Exotique district is located in the northwest of Monaco. Its location its elusive views of the Principality


This residential area, easily accessible for families, thanks to its lifts, offers easy access to La Condamine and Fontvieille. The Jardin Exotique is ideal for all families who wish to thrive in a secure area, close to amenities such as the Princess Antoinette Park and its playgrounds, schools and cultural venues.

So why choose the Exotic Garden district? Paced by tranquility, you ensure a calm and fulfilling daily life. Its plus? Its museum, its theater and its location overlooking the city!

Are you looking for a property next to the Mediterranean? This district has several properties offering a direct view of the Principality and the big blue.

Why choose to set up in the Jardin Exotique district? For its peaceful environment and its breathtaking view. Accessible and at the gates of other neighborhoods where life is good, you will fully enjoy life and the pleasures offered by the city!



Between charm and modernity, the explosive mix of Fontvieille


To the west of the Principality, Fontvieille is one of the newest districts. Like the Exotic Garden, this residential area is characterized by its good living and its tranquility. Bordered by walls of greenery, Fontvieille is full of parks and paths that lead to every corner of the Principality of Monaco.

In addition to being a residential district, you can discover a wide range of restaurants, a shopping center and a dynamic cultural life throughout the year. A true popular district, it is the perfect representation of the peaceful and family living environment. In addition, it is home to many companies and a business district.

Do you want to live and work in Fontvieille? You have all the cards in hand! His particuliarity? This district was built on water, artificially, unlike the majority of Monegasque districts. It remains one of the liveliest neighborhoods in the country, with attractive and charismatic residences.

Why choose to settle in the charming district of Fontvieille? For its prestigious setting and impressive buildings. Like the other districts of Monaco, Fontvieille offers a striking view of the Mediterranean sea. If you are sensitive to the ecological cause, Fontvieille definitely has everything you need to seduce you. Its business district is home to several companies that work for ecology and new non-polluting technologies.



The story of another era, in the Moneghetti district


Close to the Gare de Monaco, the only station in the country, it is located in the north of Monaco.

The Moneghetti is mainly made up of residences mixing the contemporary with the impressive buildings of the Belle Époque. The recklessness and optimism of that time deeply marked this district. It is also the only place in the Principality where it is still possible to admire such facades.

Close to the Exotic Garden district, it is an ideal area for families, entirely designed for the comfort of children. A few steps away you will find parks, football pitches and playgrounds.

Why choose to set up in the Moneghetti district? For its proximity to Beausoleil, a French city where you can find simple pleasures and a friendly environment. Its modern and old constructions create an extraordinary mix where you will find yourself dreaming of other times.



Between sea and mountain, La Rousse


Very close to France, La Rousse is the second most populated district of Monaco. This is where you can find the Tour Odéon, the tallest skyscraper in Monaco.

Residents are fortunate to have several shops nearby, as well as direct access to the Larvotto beaches. This district includes several buildings that have contributed to Monaco’s notoriety, such as the Tour Odéon mentioned just before. Many projects are underway and its evolution is in full expansion such as the new “Testimonio II” project delivered in 2024.

If you wish to buy or rent a property, this place is perfect for all those who wish to escape and gain height in the Principality. A deep feeling of vacation all year round guaranteed!

Why choose to settle in La Rousse? For its calm, its remote location and its direct access to the beaches. You can rest while enjoying the pleasures of Monaco. This district mainly devoted to dwellings guarantees a peaceful life.



Facing the sea, the Larvotto embraces the Mediterranean


Luxury hotels, lively beaches, impregnable places of relaxation like the Japanese Garden, the Larvotto is paradise for anyone who dreams of escape and romantic getaways.

Its luxury residences reserve top-of-the-range real estate, right on the water. A real meeting place, it is glamor incarnate. Along the shores of the Mediterranean from the west of Monaco to the east of the French coast, this district is a real treasure. The lucky ones are the people who live there!

The way of life is quieter there than in the rest of the country; Once installed, it is impossible to get rid of. Larvotto represents a living environment that we have in our skin.

Its plus? It is the district where all the major events come to life, hosting the Grimaldi Forum and the Hall of Stars. Even if its area is not large, its entertainment has nothing to envy to the largest cities in the world! Between its exhibition halls, its prestigious hotels, its concessions of several major brands such as McLaren or Rolls-Royce, its many amenities along Avenue Princesse Grace and several of the most renowned restaurants in the Principality, the Larvotto is a haven of peace cradled by its events dedicated to the elite.

Why choose to settle in Larvotto? As you have understood, its living environment is like no other. People walk or cycle there, they are relaxed and savor every moment. If you are looking for a property in a dynamic, fulfilling and exciting district, it is at Larvotto that you should put your bags!



Le Portier or the Mareterra project, the ninth district of Monaco


A future district located between Monte-Carlo and Larvotto, the Portier will be the most exclusive district of the Principality of Monaco.

Currently under construction, this colossal project will extend from Port Hercule to Larvotto beach. As the name of the project indicates, “Maretterra”, this district is located between land and sea. As a result, the green spaces are located on the coast, just a few steps from the sea. Thus, the new district will be endowed with a small Marina, which can accommodate about fifteen boats. It will be at this bustling port that most of the restaurants, bars and shops will be located.


Monaco is full of places where life is good


Each neighborhood has its own specificity, each detour around a street is a change of scenery. Monaco has THE property that suits you, to rent or buy. Nestled between sea and mountains, its proximity to France and Italy allows you to escape for a weekend whenever you feel the need. Do you want to live the Dolce Vita Monegasque style? You are in the right place.

This mini-guide is only a tiny vision of what the Principality of Monaco really is. Several rare pearls await you, somewhere in the narrow streets of the country. We find them for you, give yourself the dream life you deserve! You were looking for Monaco in its raw state, Monaco the authentic? You found it. All you have to do is get started.


To learn more about the Principality of Monaco and its neighbourhoods, go to VisitMonaco.


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