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Monaco Real Estate Figures in 2023

29 April 2024

The Principality of Monaco, known for some of the world’s highest real estate prices, continues to exhibit exceptional vitality in its property sector in 2023. Despite inflationary trends, Monaco’s economic dynamics remain robust with remarkable performance in real estate.


No Deliveries in the Free Sector in 2023

The year 2023 was marked by a lack of new apartment deliveries in the free sector, an anomaly in Monaco’s typically brisk construction pace. However, presales from ongoing projects compensated for this lack, thus sustaining active real estate operations.


Detailed Sales Market

Real estate transactions primarily involved large properties, with nearly half of the sales involving apartments of five rooms or more. The sales volume exceeded one billion euros, reflecting the high value of Monaco’s real estate market. Notably, the average price per transaction reached record levels, with sales frequently surpassing 28 million euros.


Resale Market

The resale sector saw a slight decline from 2022 but continues to play a crucial role in Monaco’s real estate economy. Over 60% of resale transactions occurred in the prestigious areas of Monte-Carlo and La Rousse, underscoring the enduring appeal of these elite neighborhoods.


Square Meter Price Analysis

The average price per square meter for resales increased, nearing the 2021 record with an average around 51,418 €. Apartments with four rooms or more saw their square meter prices reach record levels, confirming the high value of spacious properties in Monaco.


Key Figures

  • Total sales amount in 2023: over one billion euros.
  • Nearly 50% of the sales involved apartments with five rooms or more.
  • Average square meter price for resales: about 51,418 €.
  • 18 apartments were sold for more than 20 million euros each.


Square Meter Prices by District

The distribution of square meter prices varies significantly across different districts of Monaco, reflecting their prestige and unique characteristics:

  • Monte-Carlo: Approximately 51,628 €/m²
  • La Rousse: Approximately 48,865 €/m²
  • La Condamine: Approximately 54,099 €/m², noting a remarkable increase
  • Fontvieille: Approximately 59,175 €/m²
  • Les Moneghetti: Approximately 46,511 €/m², showing strong growth
  • Jardin Exotique: Over 41,000 €/m²
  • Larvotto: The highest at about 65,857 €/m²



Real estate in Monaco remains an exceptional sector, resilient to economic turbulence due to its exclusivity and ongoing attractiveness. Properties in Monaco continue to offer a safe haven for international investors.

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Sources: 2023 Real Estate Observatory, published by IMSEE. For more information, visit the link below:

IMSSE – Real Estate Observatory 2023

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